Our Lives

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ISBN: 9781457540448
192 pages

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Secrets and lies.

In the cold, windy city of Chicago, Tom is on his way to confront his friends. His heart is filled with anger, as he becomes more and more tormented by what he has just discovered about them.

Megan is starting to emotionally unravel, as the secrets she hides threaten to undo her. And the one person she trusted to keep her secret safe, her best friend since childhood, might actually want to share what she knows with the others…


About Sharyan Alleyne

Sharyan Alleyne grew up in Barbados in a parish called St. James, where she was a tomboy who would often do somersaults on the beach and roast bread fruit and fish on a wood fire with her siblings and friends. Sharyan migrated from Barbados to America and worked as a child-care provider for most of her adult life. Now instead of chasing children she chases fictional stories.



As Megan was on the verge of breaking up with Stephen, he was about to propose to her. On the night of their firstyear anniversary, he had all of their close friends ready to enjoy the occasion with them. Little did he know that his heart was about to be broken, for the woman of his dreams was about to shatter his soul by telling him that she was in love with his best friend, Matt.


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